Theatre Productions

Out Of Control – A new contemporary one act play.
4th – 8th July 2011 – Powerscourt Gallery, Dublin – Ireland.
It tells the story of Karen, a bright 18-year old who is planning to go to college and has her whole future ahead of her. Unfortunately for the past six months Chloe, the school bully has been ‘messing with her head’. So Karen decides to call in her cousin Sharon, a tough 22-year-old Dubliner who has her own ‘method’ of dealing with this situation.

Cast: Siomha Ni Aonghusa, Sally O’Leary, Aoife Williamson
Director & Playwright: Maria Ann Hylton
Sound: Bridget Hanley
Make Up: Martina Byrne
This is a short sharp sinister play which delves into the issues that arise from bullying amongst women.
Check out an interview with the playwright which was broadcast on RTE radio 1 for the arts show ‘ARENA’ on our Vimeo & YouTube Channel.

No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs – A new contemporary full length play.
16th – 21st May 2011 – New Theatre, Dublin – Ireland
With a new Tory Government in power across the water, and many of us crossing the Irish sea in search of work, it seems an ideal time for this play set in 1981 in London against the backdrop of Thatcherism, ‘suss laws’, Brixton Riots, an IRA bombing campaign, The Yorkshire Ripper and a Royal Wedding. Four people, Tommy, Silk, Sandra and Sidney all living on the fringe of society that’s itself is in disarray. As they strive to carve out a new life – and leave their mixed pasts behind – they find out that being in love only complicates matters.

Cast: Laragh Cullen, Stephen Jones, Paul Nolan and Donna Anita Nikolaisen
Director: Shane Gately
Playwright: Maria Ann Hylton
Producer: Liam Moran & Maria Ann Hylton
Sound & Lighting: Marco Bertozzi
Set Designer: Mark O Brien
Stage Manager: Lorna Brennan

Conditioned – A contemporary new one act play
Originally chosen as part of ‘The Playground’ theatre readings at the Axis, Dublin 2007
3rd – 7th December 2007 – International Bar, Dublin – Ireland
10th – 14th November 2009 – Axis Arts Centre Dublin – Ireland
It is drama set in a woman’s remand prison.
Daily Mail Review December 2007
Verdict: Short , sharp prison drama *** Bisi Adigun writer with Roddy Doyle of the Abbey’s recent reworking of ‘Playboy Of The Western World’ directs this debut by Maria Ann Hylton. It’s a promising short piece that holds your attention.
The playwright herself plays Beverly, a black working class career thief sharing a cell in a London remand centre with Clara, a middle class Irish girl with champagne tastes played by Aoife Lucey. They’ve only just been put together so haven’t got quite the measure of each other, and we watch them move from mutual suspicion to understanding and acceptance. It isn’t too much of a surprise that Beverly is a thief. It’s a shock when Clara comes out with the crime for which she is awaiting sentence, an act of extreme violence you wouldn’t associate with a girl who looks so smart and stylish. Hylton doesn’t exploit the contrasts to make us wonder how the two are going to get connect. Their arrival at the moment of acceptance is too sudden. However, Hylton has created two very real, natural women here, with great lines: “Just because I’ve broken the law doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong,” says Clara with a child’s beguiling simplicity’.

Cast: Christine O’ Donovan and M A Hylton
Director: Neil Pearson
Playwright: M A Hylton
Producer: Liam Moran
Lighting & Sound: Paul Donnelly
Stage Manager: Kim Shaw

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